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Mop and Bucket

Mop and Bucket

In Gold key Business Service Inc. we offer residential and commercial cleaning.

In the residential area we have 2 services: FIRST CLEANING  and REGULAR CLEANING.

The first cleaning : IS THE FIRST TIME WE GET IN YOUR HOUSE and we are getting every single corner clean around your house: windows sills, baseboards, door frames, doors, etc.

The regular cleaning: we do the maintenance that we started in the first cleaning. This is the detailed description of the areas we clean:




Windows sills X blinds X dust pictures X baseboards X

Doors in/out X sliding door X dust furniture X dust

sofas/chairs X switches /outlets X lamps / ceiling lamps X ceiling fans X vacuum carpet X Vacuum bare floors X wash floors x 


Light bulbs X mirrors X sinks/ counters tops X cabinets out X bathtub X shower X toilet X doors in /out  X baseboards X windows sills X blinds X dust pictures  X pick up the trash X fold towels X.

check toilet paper  X  vacuum or swept floors X  mop the floor X  switches/outlets x


Front cabinets out X   top /out of refrigerator  X  stove top/oven out  X  counters tops X  microwave in/out X 

dishwasher out  X  dishes  X  toaster in/out  X  sink X

window sills  X  blinds  X  eating area : table/ chairs  baseboards  X  doors in/out  X  dust pictures  X  switches / outlets x vacuum / swept floors  X  mop floors X  pick up trash X


Dust pictures  X  windows sills  X  change and make the

bed  X  dust furniture  X  baseboards  X  mirrors X doors

in/out  X  vacuum carpets/ floors  X  mop floors X take the dirty linens to the laundry room X  pick up

trash X  switches/outlets x


Washer / dryer tops  X  baseboards  X doors in/out  X 

windows sills  X blinds  X  switches/outlets x  pick up trash  X

In the commercial area we clean: offices, rental houses and Apts and whatever that need to be clean we can do it!!! In the commercial cleaning we follow the same SYSTEM that we use in the residential cleaning.  In the commercial cleaning we accommodate to our costumer schedule.

Regardless of your house, Apt , office or Business type: Gold key offers a full range of services according to our client’s requirements, these services include:

  • First cleaning.
  • Regular cleaning
  • Specials projects:
    • Glass Window washing in/out
    • Cabinets in bathrooms/ kitchen in/out
    • Refrigerator inside
    • Patio furniture
    • Pool furniture
    • Basements if any
    • Upholstery cleaning
    • Grout cleaning
    • Refrigerator in
    • Hard floor maintenance
    • Porch cleaning
    • Garage cleaning
    • Trash out to the Land Fields
    • Partial cleaning: any room or bathroom or kitchen.

NEW SPECIAL PROJECTS :                                                          
By Request we charge separately  for these projects: 
Glass windows washing in/out date: _________ for:$______ 
Cabinets bathrooms/kitchen in\out date:________ for $____
Refrigerator in date: __________ for $________ 
Patio furniture date: ___________ for $________ 
Pool furniture date: __________ for $________ 
Porch date: ___________ for $_______ 
Garage cleaning , Trash Out to the Land fields date:_________ for $_______ 
Basements if any date:___________ for $________ 
Steam Carpet cleaning date:___________ for $________ 
Grout cleaning date:____________ for $________ 
Grout sealing  date:___________ for $________ 
Upholstery Cleaning date:_____________ for $________
First Cleaning Or Spring Cleaning date:_______  for $_____
Regular Cleaning date:___________________ for $__________
Partial Cleaning: Any Room : _____ Or Bathroom: _______         
Or Kitchen: ________, date:_____________ for $________
STRIP AND WAX FLOORS date:____________ for $________ 
Regular Cleaning Date:  ________________ for $_________